Here you will find many of my songs, some for my games, some for other people's games, and some just for the hell of it. I will constantly be adding more of them as they come, so keep checking back here!

Original Songs


Video Game Remixes

Here's some rock adaptations of songs from various classic video games, I did most of these for the Dwelling of Duels competition.

Diver Down

Diver Down is a dark RPG set in a world where magic and technology are combined. Grenideer, the developer of the game, contacted me late in its development. He had most of the music for the game selected already, but wanted there to be an original theme song, which was where I came in :)

The ARC Legacy

The game I'm currently working on. I made these a while ago, and I'll be redoing them later on.

The Changeling

The Changeling is a high fantasy RPG about one person who must come to terms with his destiny to save the world... and die in the process. This game has been in development by Mandrake and I have been involved almost from the start. The project is on indefinite hold but may come back to life some day, who knows?

The ARC Network

The ARC Network was the sequel to the original ARC Legacy game, though the project was cancelled. The music was done in MIDI format, but I rendered them into MP3's because I don't really like releasing MIDI's when everyone has a different soundcard with different MIDI instruments and something that sounds good on my computer might sound like total crap on someone else's :)